The Graduate Journal of Mathematics is an electronic journal that publishes original work as well as expository work of general mathematical interest which add to the literature, have pedagogical value and help make more widely accessible significant mathematical ideas, constructions or theorems.

GJM welcomes and solicits contributions by mathematicians of all advanced levels and from all research areas in mathematics.

Graduate and postgraduate students are particularly encouraged to contribute articles to this journal. High quality writings bringing new insights into contemporary areas of research will find GJM to be a good venue. One main aim of our journal is to help researchers in mathematics in general, and graduate students in particular, gain access to important ideas and communicate interesting mathematics.

Articles published in GJM that are expository in nature should treat in detail mathematical examples and constructions and shall not linger on the theory. From that point of view,  they should include clear, instructive and worked out original examples and/or applications.

GJM is a publication of the Mediterranean Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (MIMS). It is a fully refereed journal.

Papers submitted to GJM must not have been published elsewhere in any form except as a preprint, and must not be concurrently submitted to another publisher.

GJM takes its inspiration from a similar journal that was discontinued in 2000: Le Journal des Elèves de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

GJM is indexed in MathSciNet and reviewed by AMS Mathematical Reviews.

GJM is indexed in Scopus.

The Journal ISSN: 2724-6841